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Advice for Brides to Be:

A good skin care regimen and routine facials brings glow and suppleness to the skin. A good routine should be started a few months prior to the wedding. Fortunately, the brides know the wedding date in ADVANCE. This helps preparing a smooth skin with lots of glow, and possibly helps prevent any breakouts, due to the inevitable stress. Also, the bride needs to consult about their hair. We at Facial Boutique, have special program for the Pre-Bridal Care, where we like to educate and guide about the preparations of good skin care and hair.

Since, wedding is the most important event in the bride’s life; she should give special importance to her total looks, makeup, and hair. She will be the princess of the event. All eyes will be on the bride. Not to mention the photographs, captured on the wedding day, always bring back beautiful memories, and will be cherished by the families. The High Definition make up is used to enhance the HD Photography Technology. Making the bride to look her best is our utmost priority.